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tantra yoga

what is tantra?

Tantra literally means to “weave” or “loom” and is ultimately about weaving the beauty of every aspect of our Being…our dreams, passions, aspirations, loves and joys… into the “Great Tapestry” of our lives. Through the tantric view, we embrace our Divinity, and expand our Consciousness so we fill our lives with more Bliss, Love and Joy.
There is often a misconception that Tantra is solely a sexual practice…Not so …
Tantra sees the sacredness of every aspect of our lives… all is INCLUDED in the Great Tapestry of LIFE!

In Tantra we ask a simple question

Is this Life Affirming?

Every choice we make stems from the authentic answering of this question
The Tantric Philosophy embraces the polarities and dualities of life …
From the physical to spiritual, mental to emotional, masculine to feminine, Light to shadow, the practice is all-inclusive,  inviting us to transform every situation into one that brings greater joy, pleasure and happiness into our lives.
Even those areas that are dark, challenging or that we tend to avoid are seen as opportunities for growth and transformation.

divinegrace yoga embraces and honors the Divine Nature in All that exists and Invites us to include every aspect of our lives as an opportunity to bring us closer to Light (Higher Consciousness) and our HIGHEST TRUTH!

We allow ourselves through our Yoga practice to find Freedom, Joy and Love in all that we do and in Who we are Being…all are welcome and included…so
divinegrace yoga is perfect for everyone!

“In truth, every body is the Universe”

Mahanirvana Tantra