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bhakti yoga

what is bhakti?

Bhakti Yoga is about your intimate relationship with the Divine … your relationship with your Soul and all the emotions that come with that relationship. In Bhakti, you are invited to embrace the full spectrum of emotions and offerings that go with that

Bhakti is a practice of devotion and love; a practice of the heart. The ancient yogis knew that one of the greatest components of being human was the HEART and the multitude of emotions that we experience through our human experience…hence they developed Bhakti yoga. Kirtan is an integral part of Bhakti yoga and is the repetition of the many names of Divine. It doesn’t matter which name you chant or which mantra you use it is all part of the many rivers which guide us into the expansive infinite ocean of LOVE!!!

Bhakti invites us to be devoted to our

Highest Good                       Highest Truth                          Highest Love

“Whoever we are at any given time, whether happy or sad, shining with Light or hidden in darkness, our prayers are perfect in the eyes of Unconditional Love”

Jai Uttal

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