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yoga styles

what is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of physical postures and poses, breathing practices, ethical codes to live by, concentration and meditation practices intended to clarify and integrate the yoga practitioner’s body, mind and spirit.

Originating in India several thousand years ago, its principles were first written down by a scholar named Patanjali in the second century B.C. 
and in his Yoga sutras Patanjaii first defined the term yoga as “the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind”

why still the mind?

So we may see with clarity what is REAL and reveal our TRUE Nature. Once the mind is clear and still, it is like a very clear still lake in which we can then see our true reflection more clearly.

The word yoga itself is derived from a Sanskrit word, “yukti” which means “union” or to “yoke” or “unite” The various physical, mental and spiritual disciplines of yoga are seen as a method for individuals to attain Union with their Divine Nature.

Divine Grace Yoga merges a variety of these practices aimed at this ultimate goal

Andrew’s yoga practice includes a variety of:


Physical poses and postural alignment


Flowing sequences weaved together with breath


Devotion to the Highest Good


An Openness to include and Honor the sacredness and beauty of every aspect of our lives

Classes are open to people of all ages, physical conditions and levels of experience. You will be encouraged to practice at your own capacity.

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