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transpersonal counselling

what is transpersonal counselling?

Transpersonal counselling is about meaning and purpose in life i.e. life direction, life path and relates more to self realization than adjustment, and is concerned with fundamental factors such as personal power, identity, intimacy, wisdom, dharma and love.

Trans means ‘across’ or ‘beyond’, so transpersonal refers to an expansion of the personal realm, beyond the physical and mental, to include a bigger picture of reality i.e. spirituality, intuition, the sub conscious, alternative states of Being and Expanded States of Consciousness.

what to expect from a session

My role as a transpersonal counsellor is not to find the answer, or to claim to know the answer, but to help you find solutions and/or expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

ways that this might occur

  • Mapping of life journey, bringing greater awareness to cycles, habits and patterns
  • Facilitating access into your subconscious and unconscious processes through guided imagery, chakra work and dreams
  • Creating rituals to apply in daily life with the aim at changing potentially destructive patterns
  • providing a supportive, nurturing and safe environment in which to explore your inner world more deeply

Your role as client is to be as open, authentic and honest about yourself as you can, and be open to the transpersonal process.

duration and cost

Sessions are one hour duration.  Cost per session is:

  • $110.00 full
  • $95.00 conc./students


All information shared during therapeutic/ counselling practices is completely confidential.


  • Diploma In Transpersonal Counseling (Phoenix Institute of Victoria)
  • Qualified Transpersonal Counselor (Phoenix Institute Of Victoria)
  • Lecturer at the Phoenix institute of Victoria from June 2010
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