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testimonials – Healesville “fresh start” yoga retreat 2009

“Thank you for an amazing weekend away to connect with nature and create my manifestation board for 2009. I am SO grateful for the magic shared between everyone of us at Maitripa. I have come back feeling ‘I am one with the universe’ and full of joy. My dreams have already come true. Andrew you are a true healer and I am SO blessed to have you in my life. You are my spiritual mentor.

Penny – Participant at “Fresh Start” Yoga Retreat Healesville (Jan 2009)

“I went on the weekend not knowing what to expect only knowing that led by Andrew, it would be a love-filled transformative experience.
I wasn’t wrong. The time spent at the retreat has completely put me on track for the year ahead in so many ways. It was very practical in many ways and made me think about what I aspire to do day to day but in the broader context of being a human being in this universe. I felt connected both with myself and the beauty within me and around me and experienced an opening to the infinite potential and possibilities of life. I was a bit skeptical at first about the manifestation boards but I have come away with a very powerful tool that is up in my bedroom and a reminder of all that I am and all that I can be!
Andrew  – it was amazing – thank you. I love spending time with you – you are truly inspirational.

Nicky  – Participant at “Fresh Start” Yoga Retreat Healesville (Jan 2009)

‘After three earlier retreats you would think no more surprises from another Divine Grace experience – but he’s done it again.  This retreat was packed with freshness and enthusiasm.  The environment Andrew created was nurturing, inspiring and a perfect welcome to the New Year.  It felt so natural and relaxed but I know there’s a whole lot of preparation and care behind the scenes to make that magic.’

Nicola – Participant at “Fresh Start” Yoga Retreat Healesville (Jan 2009)

“I first participated in one of Andrew’s wonderful yoga retreats in Bali in 06 and I was truly blown away by its power to help me transform my life. The teachings he gave allowed me to see the effect that carrying around an old pain was having in my life at the time, and how it was greatly holding me back (despite me desperately trying to lock it away). He awakened within me the power to forgive my father, with whom I had not been in contact with for 8 years at the time. He enabled me to see how to make a bridge to resolution and we now gladly have a very healthy relationship. I am deeply and eternally grateful to Andrew, not only for his teachings, but also for the space for healing that he creates. As often as I can I now attend his retreats, knowing that each time a new area of often subconscious pain will be unlocked and freed within me enabling me to move forward in my life with power and grace. His latest “Fresh start” retreat enabled me to enter this year with the passion and the drive to create my own future and every cell of my body is buzzing with optimism for what ’09 holds!” I don’t feel that words can adequately address the effect that your retreats and classes have had on my life, and I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about creating this new year and all the wonderful possibilities that holds!
Hari Om Tat Sat

Lynn  – Participant at “Fresh Start” Yoga Retreat Healesville (Jan 2009)

Thank you for such a wonderful fun and relaxing yoga retreat weekend.  Already I feel the effects working in my life throughout each day.  Andrew, through your guidance and love I have finally been able to awaken and embrace my inner empress and commit to the self devotion essential for me as a working mother with a very energetic toddler.  For the past thirty years I believed and reaffirmed that “I can’t have what I want”.  I now know this to be untrue.   I am now completely liberated in experiencing life as an ocean of lavish abundance.  As a yoga teacher you truly are a source of divine grace and I deeply thank you for that. Always joyous.

Sharon – Participant at “Fresh Start” Yoga Retreat Healesville (Jan 2009)
“Just a Heartfelt thank you for your brilliance in leading us through one of the best weekends I have done in a long time.  Your ability to remain centred and focused throughout the whole time allowed a space which brought forth all that we could be.  The time was ripe for me and you helped to pick the fruit from the tree to send it on it’s way!!!

All the Blessings of the universe be with you always.”

Trudy  – Participant at “Fresh Start” Yoga Retreat Healesville (Jan 2009)

‘On the yoga retreat a safe and supportive environment was created and people travelled to places not realized before (literally and figuratively!)   There was a fantastic group of people all who were interesting, accepting and great value.  Andrew was an excellent facilitator – creative, knowledgeable, warm; he exuded boundless energy and enthusiasm.  We were kept engaged throughout the retreat and I am still buzzing….For me, I went to the retreat because Andrew was running it, and I didn’t really have any specific expectations other than to do yoga.  However, I got so much more out of it than the yoga practice.  I didn’t realize it till after the retreat but my inner light had died down to a flickering candle wavering in the breeze, now I feel like I’ve got a fire roaring inside of  me!  I am so ready and excited for 2009.  It was a truly wonderful weekend that I wish my close friends could have experienced it too.  I am really looking forward to the next retreat.   Thanks everyone, and especially Andrew.’

Charlotte –  Participant at “Fresh Start” Yoga Retreat Healesville Jan 2009

testimonials – prior retreats (2008 to 2003)

“To anyone considering going on one of Andrew Mournehis’s unique yoga retreats, don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to share a truly, spiritually uplifting experience with like-minded people and a yoga guru. Having just attended Andrew’s 2008 Core to Surface (Divine Grace) Yoga Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii, I can recommend his retreats to anyone who enjoys yoga, wholesome food, lots of laughter and sharing the journey on the road to self realisation in a caring, nurturing environment. Andrew’s retreats are particularly beneficial for those of us seeking to step up our practice of yoga and meditation and continue our personal growth. One person at Andrew’s Hawaii retreat was on his sixth retreat and two others were doing their second successive Mournehis retreat, having done Bali earlier in the year.

Andrew Mournehis is an inspiring yoga teacher, spiritual leader and people healer. Our planet needs more people like him.”

Participant from Hawaii Yoga Retreat 2008

“Our Experience at the Divine Grace Yoga Retreat was life changing in fact a rebirth!!! Andrew has a true gift to gently peel away the armour we build around ourselves to get in with the true essence of our nature. As a group we bonded like a pod of dolphins as we swam, cried, laughed, chanted, sat in silence and of course practiced yoga. It was such a privilege to be around such inspiring,loving,wonderful people. I watched my partner who had never done yoga before blossom into the most beautiful person .

This experience brought us closer together more than ever!!!

This whole journey touched each of us in different ways and allowed us to delve deep into our lives and face our past hurts and fears that prevented us from true happiness. We gained a greater understanding of each other and ourselves. We now have the tools to achieve our own Divine Grace. We were in a beautiful  tropical environment at Kalini Oceanside Resort along with the Goddess  Pele performing miracles for us all !!!

Thankyou so much Andrew and his angel Rachael we will be eternally grateful for your love and guidance”.

Participant from Hawaii yoga retreat 2008

Through Andrew’s wisdom and mastery this wonderfully diverse group of souls individually and collectively ‘creatively’ became One.  One of which I am honoured to be”.

“I have been on two of Andrew’s magical retreats and feel blessed to have been part of both journeys. My mind, body and spirit cherished each experience.

Thank you, Andrew, for the consideration, inspiration and fun that you bring to your retreats (and, indeed, to every class).”

Testimonials from Yoga Students, from Bali Yoga Retreat, October 2007

“Your creative ability to have everything un-fold so beautifully is astounding. Results for me have been profound, grounding and have left me with a deeper sense of who I am”

“Terrific…thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this journey”

“Loved it!!! A wonderful journey of the heart in a magical setting with a truly beautiful group of people”

Testimonials from Yoga Students, from Bali Yoga Retreat, October 2005

“Thank you for opening me up to all my possibilities and potentials, to live creatively.”

“It was a journey that none of us expected, but none of us would have missed.

We will all take the experience with us in our hearts”

“Thank for the gift of Freedom and Unconditional Love.  May I never stop spinning.”

Testimonials from Yoga Students, from Bali Yoga Retreat, Aug/ Sept 2004

“From the moment I stepped onto the bright beauty of the Island, I could feel the connection with the ancient spirits…the mysteries and histories of this deeply spiritual land.

I could feel the excitement of new possibilities…for discovery and learning…and could feel the vibrant hum of the omnipotent Present … those feelings grew and grew the longer

I stayed, and the more I connected to myself, the land and the Universe.”

Yoga Student, from Bali Yoga Retreat, May 2003

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