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Andrew Youtube Video

On one of my yoga retreats to Bali I was interviewed by one of my long term yoga students, who has been on her own amazing transformational journey!!!  Please view the video above.

Hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to continue the yoga journey …

in Bali and Beyond 
Namaste, Andrew

divinegrace yoga offers physically dynamic, spiritually uplifting and intellectually stimulating yoga classes, workshops, intensives and retreats…all with a heart-felt twist!

Our philosophy is simple…

When we open our Hearts to the Universal… Life is more fully supported and flows more freely with Grace.

Many yoga classes will touch your Asana…divinegrace yoga will touch your Soul!

Classes include yoga asana, vinyasa (flowing sequences), yogic philosophical teachings, pranayama (breathing exercises), Sanskrit chants, meditation and deep relaxation.

All classes open with a clear intention and theme and end with a blessing or a reminder on how you can continue to embody the intention or theme of the class into your daily life.

To keep the Yoga practice inspiring, asana sequences are ever-changing, and accompanied by uplifting music, artistically choreographed to celebrate the Joy of Yoga.

All Classes are 90 minutes long and open to all levels.

All students are welcomed, honored and included in classes  at whatever level they are at

So come AS YOU ARE and join us for a class that will transform your day… perhaps even change your life!


divinegrace yoga aligns with 8 principles

DG Yoga is Universal* Uni (One) Verse (Song) OM

DG Yoga is Spiritual Embodiment

DG Yoga is Intuitive

DG Yoga is Expressive

DG Yoga is Heart-Centred

DG Yoga is Empowering

DG Yoga is Joyful

DG Yoga is Grounding

*Inspired by the Universal Principles of Alignment TM Anusara Yoga